RICHARD MENEELY.                                                       Missed Fit Press




T-Shirt Design. It's all about originality, social justice and humor. That's my opinion. 

I expect to have s many as 100 designs. Right now, I have about 85. I have a list of new ideas and and I choose whichever one I think is best.

If there is something you think or seriously believe, a T-shirt is a very good way to express yourself. And there are indeed a few t-shirts I sell that make no sense. 

I don't discriminate between the logical and the silly. I have both. Something for everyone!

And if you're looking for anti-Trump T-shirts, I have plenty, but I don't dominate my store with political ideas only. Plenty of others.

But if you want to buy any of my T-shirts to wear, you will need courage. Courage! 

Don't be afraid. Buy a T-shirt from me! Be courageous! Be smart! Be bold!